More revenue, happy customers and brand ambassadors

Upbe analyzes the context of the calls, identifies the reasons for dissatisfaction or possible cancellations and provides you with the keys to build loyalty.

Intelligence to retain your customers

Improve your business figures by understanding what your customers need and how to get them to want to continue hiring your products and services.

More quality of service and more sales in the Call Center

Upbe helps your teams to be more efficient and productive in managing calls.

A more efficient Call Center team

Upbe trains agents to be more productive. It makes them better. So they know what to say and how to act in every situation.

Some KPI's of success using Conversational AI:


Increase in the Conversion Rate of Telephone Sales in a company in the Banking industry

-2,5% / -14%

Reduction of customer churn in corporate in the Insurance sector (-2.5%) and an SME (-14%)


Reduction of more than 20% of callbacks in a company in the Energy industry


Reduction of AHT (Average Handle Time) in a project in the Telco industry


Reduction of cost structure in a Call Center with an Insurance client


Reduction of claims by customers in a company in the Banking industry

Upbe is a Conversational Intelligence technology based on Machine Learning and NLP that identifies elements and patterns in the context of the conversations you have with your customers. Upbe transforms this information into data that will help you improve decision-making and generate value for your business thanks to a better Customer Experience.

Do you know what Conversational AI does for you?

Do you want to know how you can improve thanks to Conversational AI?

  • Write to us to share with you how we think Upbe can help you improve your business.
  • We help train and train Customer Service and CX teams to improve your customers’ experience and adapt your processes to improve their satisfaction.
  • You will convert the information from your calls into a source of efficiency and productivity so that your customers are happier… and your work teams are more productive and efficient.

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