Reduction of 70% of cost structure in a Call Center Call Analysis

Increase sales ratios & conversion of your agents by 20%

Optimize the ROI of the Call Center by reducing Average Handle Time by 30%

Reduce costs of your Quality team

Upbe helps your teams to be more efficient and productive in managing calls.

Optimize telephone sales processes

Upbe also helps you evaluate the verification processes of telephone sales

Close up to 30% more meetings

Coach and pass on to your team the best practices for making excellent prospecting and cold calls


Some indicators of success doing Sales Intelligence:


Reduction of AHT (Average Handle Time) in a project in the Telco industry


Reduction of cost structure in a Call Center with an Insurance client


Increase in the Conversion Rate of Telephone Sales in a company in the Banking industry


Closing meetings / product demos after first / prospecting calls


Revenue after incorporating improvements in coaching and sales cycle management


Reducing the ramp-up of new SDR's in high-growth companies

Some of our customers:

Do you want to know how to improve call quality analysis?

  • Write to us to share with you how we think Upbe can help you improve.
  • How to automate quality analysis and other call center processes (collection, telephone sales, etc.)
  • Upbe helps you train your Call Center team with the best practices
  • You will convert the information of your calls into a source of efficiency and productivity for your team

    Upbe is a Conversational Intelligence technology based on Machine Learning and NLP that identifies elements and patterns in the context of the conversations you have with your customers. Upbe transforms this information into data that will help you improve decision-making and generate value for your business thanks to a better Customer Experience.

    Do you know what Conversational AI does for you?

    Case study in Phone Sales Automation with logo-conecta

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