Simple integration

Upbe integrates with little technical effort. You can integrate your calls and metadata through an easy and simple process, which transfers them to an SFTP or via API. Faster, more agile and easier.

AI for your Call Center

Easily train Upbe to suit your needs. Nobody knows the particularities of your business better than you. Upbe is your data scientist expert in telephone call analysis that puts Artificial Intelligence at the service of your Call Center.

In continuous learning

Thanks to its technology, Upbe learns with each interaction and continually evolves its analytical skills. You feed the algorithm with conversational data and providing context, and Upbe helps you make the best decisions. Artificial Intelligence for your Call Center.

Upbe is Artificial Intelligence for your Call Center. A Conversational Intelligence platform that will help you to sophisticate the analysis of the interactions you have with clients through your agents.

What does AI bring to your Call Center?

Are you an SMB?

Upbe can help you turn your auditors into data analysts. To make your operation more efficient by reducing costs thanks to the automation of processes.

Are you a Corporate?

With Upbe you will better understand your customers, anticipate their needs and increase their ROI. A Conversational Intelligence solution to increase your business.