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Upbe, cloud solution for call analysis in the Contact Center (ES)

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The 'startup' Predictiva raises 2.4 million with Swanlaab, Sabadell and CDTI (ES)​

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Predictiva, an Andalusian success story advised by Andalucía Emprende (ES)

predictiva upbe prensa

The 'startup' Predictiva raises 2.4 million with Swanlaab, Sabadell and CDTI (ES)

predictiva upbe prensa

Predictiva, the best startup in the financial sector in Spain and Portugal (ES)

predictiva upbe prensa

Pablo Enciso: "The challenge is to scale our business model" (ES)

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Interview with Pablo Enciso, founding partner and CEO of Predictiva (ES)

Predictiva, the startup that supervises and audits calls from Call Centers (ES)

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One million euros from the EU for an AI project in Malaga (ES)

More information about Upbe:

Conversational Intelligence for the Call Center

Upbe is a Conversational Intelligence platform. Our vision is to structure and categorize in an automatic, massive and scalable way the information contained in the telephone conversations between clients and companies.

In these conversations, clients express invaluable information about their relationship with the company, its products and its services. This information is stored through audio files on untapped servers, and all the business intelligence that can be extracted from that conversational data is lost.

Upbe puts this data to value and enables companies to better understand and serve their customers through improvements in their customer experience and retention strategies.

In the sector there is an unsolved problem. Call analysis is currently carried out using wiretaps that analyze less than 1% of calls. The goal is to assess the quality of care provided. This analysis is expensive and subjective and with Upbe we offer a platform with which to automate this analysis process and help scale the business.


The Predictiva team is currently 21 people. The technical team is divided into three areas: Software, Data Science and Infrastructure. And on the other hand, the business team is divided between operations, sales and marketing. 70% of the company is technical team.

Key Markets:

Predictive is currently growing in various markets. Our most important market is Spain, but we are developing Latin America in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Peru or Chile. Particularly in Peru we are doing very well. We see a lot of interest in embracing this technology and, we believe teleworking creates a context that benefits us to adopt technologies like Upbe and get a lot of value out of them.

Our medium-term plans continue to be to have the best technology to help the call center and large companies to optimize their business processes. To understand well what happens in your calls and to make both those processes and decision-making more efficient. We believe that there is a lot of improvement in this area and that Upbe solves them. Commercially, having the best ASR in Spanish, we are focused on Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile, which are the most important markets in Latam.


In recent years we have received several awards, such as the Caixabank Enisa Entrepreneur XXI Award for the Best Startup Spain & Portugal 2019. Also in the same awards we received in 2018 the award for Best Startup in Andalusia.

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