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A team committed to transforming the Call Center

Upbe is a Conversational Intelligence platform. Our vision is to structure and categorize in an automatic, massive and scalable way the information contained in the telephone conversations between clients and companies.

The Predictiva team is currently more than 20 people, divided between Malaga capital, where we have our central office with the technical team in a privileged environment on the Teatinos campus, and Madrid, where the business team works remotely.

The technical team is divided into three areas: Software, Data Science and Infrastructure. It is a team with extensive experience in product development. And on the other hand, the business team is divided between operations, sales and marketing. 70% of the company is technical team. And in the remaining 30% there is a lot of experience in the Call Center sector.

In recent years we have received several awards, such as the Caixabank Enisa Entrepreneur XXI Award for the Best Startup Spain & Portugal 2019. Also in the same awards we received in 2018 the award for Best Startup in Andalusia.

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