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A team with extensive experience in the call center sector and in digital product development

Meet the team:

Pablo Enciso
Juan García
Patricia Folgueral
Noelia Navarro
Javier Cepedano
David Torelli
Software Team Lead
Ana Gómez
Data Scientist Team Lead
Mario Domene
Finance Manager
Valentina Montes
Sales Development Representative
Luis Ortega
Senior Developer
Lina Arredondo
Operations Manager
Marina Enciso
Data Analyst / CRM
Guillermo Caracuel
Senior DevOps
Eduardo Vicente
Data Scientist
Alberto Salmerón
Senior Developer
Mercedes Egea
Marketing & Sales Operations
Raúl Bocanegra
Senior Developer
Juan Fernández
Data Scientist
Guiomar Fernández
Business Analyst
Carmen Ramos
Operations Manager
Susana Blasco
Operations Manager
Rocío Rodríguez
Data Scientist
Juan Carlos Cañas
Senior Developer
José Antonio Fernández
Technical Product Owner
Mariceli Paredes
Product Owner
Rafael Delgado
QA Lead
Iván Calero
QA Automation Engineer

About Upbe

Transforming the Call Center & CX industry

Upbe is a Conversational Intelligence platform. Our vision is to structure and categorize in an automatic, massive and scalable way the information contained in the telephone conversations between clients and companies.

In these conversations, clients express invaluable information about their relationship with the company, its products and its services. This information is stored through audio files on untapped servers, and all the business intelligence that can be extracted from that conversational data is lost.

Upbe puts this data to value and enables companies to better understand and serve their customers through improvements in their customer experience and retention strategies.

In the sector there is an unsolved problem. Call analysis is currently carried out using wiretaps that analyze less than 1% of calls. The goal is to assess the quality of care provided. This analysis is expensive and subjective and with Upbe we offer a platform with which to automate this analysis process and help scale the business.

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