A new way to measure quality

Upbe identifies more than 60 categories in calls and automatically generates a score on the interaction between agent and customer. Analyze the quality of calls in the call center avoiding manual processes and auditing a much higher volume of calls.

How do we help you with quality audits?

Some KPI's of success using Conversational AI in Quality Assurance & Compliance:


Reduction of AHT (Average Handle Time) in a project in the Telco industry


Reduction of cost structure in a Call Center with an Insurance client


Reduction of claims by customers in a company in the Banking industry

Some of our cllients:

Do you want to improve how you analyze the quality of calls in the call center?

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  • We help train and train Customer Service and CX teams to improve your customers’ experience and adapt your processes to improve their satisfaction.
  • You will turn the information of your calls into a source of efficiency and productivity.