Guide: Automating quality audits thanks to Artificial Intelligence

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    Many customers are already demanding a voice analytics solution to be able to automate quality analysis on 100% of all calls. In many of these cases it also coincides that they also need to automate the sales verification process.

    The challenge of automating business processes is very common in the call center. And it is that we are in a sector with a great potential for improvement in this field, because the penetration of this type of software to automate quality audits and sales verification processes is not very high. In the case of the voice channel, it is almost non-existent.

    This type of Conversational Intelligence solutions, based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, automate processes that trigger many changes and positive transformation in companies.

    Conversational AI has the ability to holistically manage the entire cycle of conversational data. This ability to process so much data and structure it gives the corporate the possibility to audit 100% of the calls automatically. The ability to manage much greater data than other Speech Analytics solutions is differential for any software that automates quality audits.

    Companies that are using this type of technology have noticed a significant improvement in their sales and customer service processes thanks to the substitution of manual tasks. These have not only managed to consume fewer resources thanks to automating their processes, but they have also managed to increase sales thanks to greater knowledge of customers. So far we have helped clients in sectors such as telecommunications, energy, insurance, and banking.

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