Reduce the ramp-up of your Account Executives by more than 40%

With Upbe you analyze what is said in meetings or product demos. Assist your sales team by analyzing the content of those video calls and improving a fundamental funnel stage for your company. Get your Account Executives to make better Demos in half the time.

A healthy and prioritized pipeline

Have you identified a critical event in your prospect? Are you talking to the right person? How do your Account Executives manage these interactions? Understanding this stage in detail is essential to develop a healthier and prioritized Pipeline. More winnable. Upbe helps you answer those key questions.

Coach your team with objectivity and criteria

Find the right way to tell your product to your potential customers. What is your ideal message? With what pitch do your customers perceive the value of your product? With Upbe you will be able to analyze the arguments that help you close more product demos or meetings and move forward in the business cycle.

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  • Write us to share with you how we believe that Upbe can help you improve sales in your company.
  • How to close more Product Demos, how to analyze them and get commercial intelligence and get up to 50% more revenue.
  • Upbe helps you train and train your B2B sales team, understanding how to qualify and make the commercial pitch.
  • You will convert the information from your calls into a source of efficiency and productivity so that your team can sell more and improve your entire business cycle.

    Upbe is a Conversational Intelligence technology based on Machine Learning and NLP that identifies elements and patterns in the context of the conversations you have with your potential clients. Upbe transforms this information into data that will help you improve decision-making and generate value for your business thanks to a better Customer Experience.

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