Reduce call center callbacks

Reducing the number of callbacks is vital if you want to optimize the customer's time and of the service offered. With Upbe you can know why customers are calling back and use it as a lever to anticipate and prevent those calls. You improve service levels and the customer perceives greater satisfaction.

How can we help you with the reduction of callbacks?

Some indicators of success using Conversational AI to reduce callbacks:


Reduction of more than 20% of callbacks in a company in the Energy industry


Increased FCR (First Call Resolution) thanks to the reduction of callbacks

Do you want to improve how you analyze the quality of calls in the call center?

  • Write to us to share with you how we think Upbe can help you improve your business.
  • We help train and train Customer Service and CX teams to improve your customers’ experience and adapt your processes to improve their satisfaction.
  • You will turn the information of your calls into a source of efficiency and productivity.

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